The Buzz about Mobility

February 14, 2019

Mobility is a tech buzzword.  With any buzzword, it can be difficult to separate the hype from the really good ideas worth looking into.    The word “Mobility” is so general and non-specific that you might immediately brush it off as just more hype.   But do so at your own peril.  Mobile applications will continue to grow in importance to operations and manufacturing.  But a more specific definition of Mobility in Manufacturing would help a lot.  Let’s use the following instead:

Mobility in Manufacturing leverages mobile apps and devices to generate positive change in the factory and across the business.   Positive change means improvements in communication, responsiveness, efficiency, accuracy and coordination of work.

Buzzwords can be a buzzkill when trying to build enthusiasm for new ideas.   It takes real, concrete examples showing how the new technology can be used to change minds.  People respond best to new ideas when it clearly shows relevance.  Will mobility solve any of our existing problems?  Does it offer ways to improve how we operate?   Enthusiasm only spreads when people “get it”.

Use the buzz about mobility to get attention and start the conversation.  But quickly move the conversation into specifics and explain how it can impact your unique company.  We intend to follow this advice in future articles by showing how mobility is being used to solve specific problems at real companies.  Stay tuned.

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