Frequently Asked Questions about Statusbin

Frequently Asked Questions

Will any ERP systems work with Statusbin?
Yes. Statusbin is not concerned with the ERP application or database involved. Statusbin only cares about the reports created from the ERP system. If the ERP system can automate the generation of reports and have those reports saved as files on the network, then the ERP system will work with Statusbin.

What versions of QAD work with Statusbin?
All versions of QAD will work with Statusbin. Because there is no direct connection between QAD and Statusbin, the only requirement of QAD is to be able to send reports to batch and automate the release of batches. Every release of QAD since it’s inception has this feature.

How are QAD reports sent automatically to Statusbin?
QAD reports get submitted to a batch. The batch is then run on a scheduled basis and runs all reports in the batch. By scheduling batches to run frequently, say every 5 minutes, the reports stay current. As each new report is generated it gets saved in a folder on the network. Statusbin watches the folder, picks up any new report files and publishes them to the cloud where they are available for mobile users.

Where should Statusbin Publish be installed?
Statusbin Publish is a Windows program which needs to be accessed by an administrator. It should ideally be installed on a network server. It can however be installed on any Windows computer, including laptops. Part of its function is to check for report updates on the network and send the updated report to the cloud database. For this reason, the user account for the computer needs to have sufficient privileges to read these files on the network.

Can Statusbin Publish be installed on more than one computer?
Yes. You just need to do this carefully to ensure proper controls are being managed. Both Publish instances are sending reports to the same company and you want to make sure reports have a unique place reserved for them in the cloud database.

What mobile devices will Statusbin run on?
The Statusbin app runs on all iOS phone and tablets running OS version 7 or above. It runs on all Android phone and tablets running OS version Lollipop and later.

How many administrators can one company have?
You may assign any number of users to be a company administrator. Administrators can log into the Statusbin website and make changes to the company report structure and change security. For this reason you will want to limit the number users with these rights.