Consolidate your key reports.

Decision making no longer requires finding the latest version of a report in your e-mail. Keeping current with the business no longer requires re-running reports throughout the day. Have the reports you need in one place, always current and always available on your phone or tablet.


Real Time Status Updates

Always have the latest information available on your mobile device. Stay informed of changing conditions. Receive alerts when action may be required. Statusbin collects in one place the latest version of the reports and documents you care about most.

Secured Report Delivery

We make delivering reports simple, secure and private. You have full control over the mobile users who can view any given report. Reports are fully encrypted, available for viewing only and are not saved on mobile devices.


Customized Reporting

Create your own mobile reports. No mobile application development skills required. Use our developer toolkit to transform your data into interactive charts, tables, graphs and other report types. Create standalone reports or integrate with existing business applications.


How does it work?



The Statusbin Publisher sends reports from inside your network to the Statusbin cloud database. Remote users log into the Statusbin app to retrieve reports subscribed to them.


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