Report and Document Distribution

  • Whenever a designated document or report file on your network is changed, an updated copy is sent automatically to the cloud database.
  • Mobile users always retrieve the latest version of the file from the cloud database.
  • Users only retrieve the documents they are allowed to view.
  • Supported documents include Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Text and images.
  • Report files can originate from an ERP system or any other business application.


  • Eliminate e-mailing or printing daily reports
  • Important reports and documents are united by user on the Statusbin app
  • Reports are always current regardless of update frequency


  • Metrics on departmental or company performance
  • Salesperson targets and commission reporting
  • Hourly updates on order bookings and shipments
  • Up to the minute status on factory production
  • Departmental status reporting to management
  • Weekly expense reporting
  • Daily financial updates for management
  • Database backup and system log files for review by IT
  • Company shared documents: phone lists, holidays, policies
  • Training or procedure documents

Create Custom Mobile Reports

  • A Developer toolkit allows any programmer (or non-programmer) to create attractive and interactive mobile reports using their existing skill set. No need to learn new and complex mobile technologies.
  • The toolkit describes how to create simple text files containing data along with instructions for how the data should appear on the mobile device.
  • Charts, graphs, tables and other data views will be rendered on the Statusbin app for iOS and Android devices according to your instructions.
  • Alerts can be added to any report to notify mobile users of conditions which may require action.


  • Empower your technical staff to create mobile reports
  • Exploit mobile reporting to improve responsiveness and communication
  • Transform data into meaningful views for better comprehension and action
  • Receive alerts for conditions which require attention


  • Statistical process control
  • Internet of things – monitor data generated by machines
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting
  • Metrics
  • Trend analysis
  • Machine up-time monitoring
  • Quality control monitoring
  • Test monitoring
  • ERP system mobile reporting enhancements
  • Other application mobile reporting enhancements

Security and Management

  • Web portal allows an administrator to assign company user accounts.
  • Security groups control which users can view which reports
  • Full data encryption applied during transport and in storage.
  • Login and password required for Statusbin on mobile device
  • Reports can only be viewed. They cannot be shared or forwarded to other people.
  • No data is saved on mobile devices.


  • Convenient web-based management tools
  • Centralized control over report access and distribution
  • Your data is protected