Enterprise Mobility

March 6, 2019

Enterprise Mobility describes a trend in business where employees working inside or outside the office use mobile devices to perform business tasks. Enterprise mobility refers not only to the mobility of workers but also to the mobility of corporate data and information.

Mobile users increasingly expect to integrate their personal and professional information using mobile devices. This expectation is driving enterprises to build mobile applications that enable users to access enterprise data anytime, anywhere and on any device.

One of the primary benefits to organizations adopting mobility is increased employee productivity and efficiency.  Quicker reporting of events and KPIs to a wider audience provide full situational awareness and promote good decision making and issue resolution.

The biggest challenge in enterprise mobility today is getting the business to understand what is possible with mobile technologies and designing a business plan to take advantage of it.  For manufacturing companies, focusing on improving operations can actually make it easier to find a good place to start.

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